General Questions
Pins or Paddles

Q: Will the MGS or SCG guide fit my Domino with Pins or Paddles?
A: Yes. The MGS and SCG guides were specifically designed to fit all versions of Domino.

Q: Do I need to modify my Domino to attach the guide?
A: No. The guide mounts to the base of the Domino using the existing threaded holes in the Domino base.
Centering Plates
Will I need to recalibrate the stop positions every time I reinstall the Guide?
A: No. The guide reinstalls the same each time. The centering plates shown to the left are adjusted to fit your Domino to ensure the same position is achieved every time you install the guide.
MGS Specific Questions
Q: How do I ensure the MGS-20 is perfectly centered on my Domino?
A: It is not necessary to have your MGS guide perfectly centered on the Domino base because the centering function is taken care of in the adjustment of the stops. However, it is important that you set the Centering Plates for your Domino, as described in the Q&A above.

Q: Is it difficult to adjust the position stops, and do I need any special tools?
A: No. Adjusting the position stops is very easy and can be done in a few minutes. All you need is 2 small pieces of wood, a clamp, and a 7/64 allen wrench. The instruction manual explains how to adjust the stops.
SCG Specific Questions
Sight Lines Q: How do I ensure the SCG-10 is perfectly centered on my Domino?
A: As long as your Domino's Sight Gauge is calibrated, you simply line up the middle of the stops with the sight gauge. If your sight gauge is not calibrated, follow the procedure in the Festool Domino Supplemental Manual to calibrate your sight gauge.

Q: What happens if I forget to tighten or loosen both clamping knobs?
A: If one clamping knob is tight and the other loose, one of the stops will be able to move but the other will be locked in place. The coupling cable will try to move the stop that cannot be moved, and this could break your cable. The cable can be replaced, but it is best to send the guide in for service.