Every MGS-20 and SCG-10 includes a complete, printed product manual of the same caliber that you have come to expect from Rick Christopherson and his supplemental manuals for Festool-USA. The manual explains how to set up, adjust, and use your guide.

MGS-20/30 User's Manual

SCG-10 User's Manual

Booklet Printing

If you need to reprint a manual, or have it printed in full color, the PDF's below are set up for 2-sided booklet printing and high-resolution (large file size). These manuals print with pages 4&1 on one sheet and 2&3 on the other sheet.

MGS-20/30 Manual, Booklet Print

SCG-10 Manual, Booklet Print

Festool Domino Supplemental Manual

The Supplemental Owner's Manual for your Domino joiner is newer and more thorough than the manual that shipped with your DF500 joiner. This English-only manual is owned and authorized by Festool-USA and written by Rick Christopherson, but doesn't ship with your joiner due to UL requirements. If the sight gauge on your Domino joiner is not properly calibrated, this manual contains a procedure for inspecting and adjusting the sight gauge.

Festool Domino Supplemental Manual